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Who Wants to Live Forever?

The quest for immortality is nothing new. Since the beginning of history, myths and legends are about magic portions and people's quest for immortality.

We cannot live forever, but many scientists predicting that a lifespan of 110 years will soon be commonplace.

The vast majority of people die from preventable diseases. This shows how important preventative medicine is. 

What can we do to maximise our lifespans? 
  • Eat less- give your body exactly what it needs and no more, avoid empty calories- sugars and saturated fats

  • Lower your homocysteine- recent studies show a strong relation between homocysteine and all causes of mortality

  • Exercise- keep moving through your life, focusing on weight lifting, stretching and yoga

  • Balance Life- keep cool, to avoid stress. Prolong stress causes depletion of hormones and nutrients from your body. This will increase the risk of many killers, including cancer, heart disease and mental diseases and ageing in general

My quick tips to help prevent ageing: 

Start today!

  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables focusing on greens and beans

  • Supplement with vitamin A, C and E, selenium, zinc, lipoic acid, acetyl-I-carnitine

  • Supplement B vitamins

  • Reduce calorie intake to your body needs 

  • Keep fit with moderate exercise 

  • Avoid stress

  • Have your DHEA levels check if you are over 50 and supplement if necessary

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