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Introduction to Nutrition & Health-Part 1

The Chinese have a saying "disease enters through the mouth" however many doctors do not like this concept, it is very hard for them to accept that food is contributing to the development of many diseases. This is especially seen in the approach to mental illness.

Most doctors think that mental illnesses are confined to the brain. However, the brain is not functioning separately and it's linked to all organs in the body. More and more is said about the relationship between brain and gut.

In the next few blogs, I will try to make you more familiar with the concept of food impacting the brain. I am finding focusing on relationships and life history very old fashion approach to psychiatry. Psychiatrists, heavily rely on prescribing drugs without understanding the unpleasant side effects and lack of success.

In my opinion, it is very important to focus also on physical symptoms.

The Orthomolecular approach is becoming more popular day by day.

Patients become more aware of the impact of polluted environments and junk food.

Orthomolecular therapy is both corrective and preventive.

Meganutrients can treat both the immediate and the long term causes of the diseases.

Nutrients are like the "little engine" that could climb the heal. The patients improve slower but maintain the positive effect for longer as long as they follow the regime.

Please familiarise yourself with the work of Dr Carl C. Pfeiffer and Dr William Walsh, both leading authorities in the treatment of mental illness through nutrition.

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