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blood sugar is higher then normal but not high enough to be called diabetes. As you know diabetes is becoming huge problem , so the easiest way is to prevention. Check your blood sugar every 6 months.

You are more at risk if you: have diabetes in the family are over 45 overweight do not exercise

Take charge: Focus on your food daily lose same weight- less calories/healthier food get some exercise- walking is great stick to 30 min everyday drink water as your primary beverage- 2 litres a day In first stage of loosing weight stick to keto diet eat small portions get plenty of fibre GOOD SLEEP HELPS KEEP blood sugar at healthy levels Do not smoke

Do not panic , you can control your blood sugar and avoid diabetes- start taking vit D3- Be aware of warning signs: Increased thirst Increased hunger- especially after eating dry mouth Frequent urination Unexpected weight loss Fatigue blurred vision Headaches

FOOD TO BE AVOID: sugar sweetened drinks trans fats White bread, rice and pasta flavoured yogurts cereals sugar and artificial sweeteners dry fruits fruit juices French fries

take control of your life

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