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Impact of Covid-19 on my life

Besides lots of stress and heartache, Covid-19 brought us some positive changes. Working from home was long overdue. I remember from my time in Starbucks, how frustrated I was with all the conference calls- I was looking after EMEA markets and having HO in US. My working hours were extremely long: Kazakstan is +5 and Seattle is -8 hours, adding 4 hours travelling time a day, made me stress and tired all the time. Having few days working from home option would be very welcome solution. We all would be more productive and definitely happier.

Pandemic also make us focus more on our immune system and preventive medicine. Finally we have lots of research backing up the importance of Vit D3 and Zinc. In my practice, I start offering zoom appointments, they change my life and my patience life, also allowed me to see patients from all over the world. Virtual care is here to stay!

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