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How the world has changed

As we will be living in different world now, we need all start to support each other and look after the most needy.

Please to not panic or get depressed, Coronavirus is a virus which is very easy pass to others but is less deadly than other viruses from the past. Healthy people should have only normal flu symptoms. Do not be afraid- and stay away from old and weak people.

Boost your immune system: 3000 mg vit C, 4000 units of vit D are to must do. Eat light foods and drink lots of warm water. Do not panic on first sight of fever- let your body heal itself- let the fever🤒run it course- only if you start moving past 39.5 start taking paracetamol.

Avoid any medication containing ibuprofen- we are seeing complications. Make sure you walking every day and get lots of sleep. Food: garlic, oregano, ginger, green and red tea, beans, turmeric, avocados, broth, fruits, eggs ,rosemary, thyme, oily fish, honey, beets and carrots- make sure they are eating daily. Be kind to others . It is time do get rest and let the planet have a little breather. Lack of plains and cares will do wonders to the quality of air. Reconnect with friends, read books, listen to the music.

If you need HELP do not hesitate and ask.

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