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Importance of looking after Your Health.

Looking after your health should not be difficult and really is your not your GP responsibility. Take care and listen to your body- eat the right food, focus on your mental wellbeing. Do you wake up happy? Are you taking enough “ME TIME “? We all need individual approach- you are unique and wonderful. Do what makes you happy. Keep moving- breathe deeply to get oxygen to every cell. Things only can get better. Do not be afraid of dying- we cannot avoid it. Aim for good life and happy, peaceful ending when the time come. Do not be afraid to talk about it and embrace the process

To live happy and healthy life prevention is the most important thing you can focus on.We plan out life, career, investments- why we are spending so time on prevention of getting sick.

Science advance so much : genetics and testing never been that easy to access. Some tests are still very expensive, some results we are afraid of, but surely is better to know what to expect then just be hit with horrible news that you have Cancer or Alzheimer. Simple focus on levels of vitamin D3 could eliminate many issues: depression, cancer, weak immunity .

NHS will save millions if they will react to patient genetics. It's make sense to focus on someone heart if they indicate weakness in this area. Supplementation, proper diet and exercise will cut the risk. If you know that you are at risk of cancer - would you focus on prevention?

Blood tests can be used to assess your health, as well as help diagnose or monitor your health.

I recommend full blood work with minerals, thyroid panel , sugar levels, liver and kidney functions, vit. D3, vit. B12, homocysteine, cholesterol and lipid, CRP, PSA for men

Every 2 years some of the cancer markers and body scans.

Genetic testing are very expensive , but would be wonderful if they will become used more and adopt by NHS.

Eating balanced diet with colourful foods will help maintain wellbeing. Avoid all white foods. eat in moderation keeping the calories down 2500 for women and 3200 for men. With increasing pollution, use of chemicals in agriculture and electro-magnetic stress food is poorer and poorer in nutrients. Daily supplementation is a must. Choose well researched supplements - most expensive not always means the bests. Add herbs for extra benefits.

For years we been told to avoid fats. No wonder we are having epidemic in brain health. Increase avocados, oily fish , nuts and olive/coconut oil intake.

Last but not least relaxation. Keep walking, exercise, meditate, listen to HZ music - I recommend 432Hz, 528Hz, Mozart, Tibetan chanting and Gregorian choruses. Live in Now, help others, volunteer few hours a week.

And the most important: FIND YOURSELF PRACTITIONER who will help you to maintain perfect health. GOOD LUCK.

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