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B12 Deficiency

Vit B12 deficiency is relatively common, but very often not recognised issue.

B12 is involved in the maintenance of the nervous system. It helps in the formulation of myelin, so it is helpful in brain protection.

It is necessary in red blood cells , lack of it can lead to anaemia.

Do you need B12 supplements? For vegetarians, heavy coffee drinkers, IBS sufferers and people over 50 or obese it is a MUST.

Here are signs of need for B12 :

Tingling or numbness

Memory problems

Vision changes

Fatigue or general malaise

Pale or yellowish skin

Mood changes

Sore tongue

Balance issues

Heart palpitations

Muscles weakness or spasms



Gastrointestinal issues

Lack of concentration

Burning in hands in feet

Everybody should have yearly blood test to recognise any deficiencies.

If you do not have internal bleedings, supplementation is easy way to increase levels of B12.

you can choose from oral supplements, injections or nasal sprays.

I recommend weekly injections for older patients starting suffering with dementia, memory loses or muscle issues

Eat red meats, liver, fish, eggs, dairy products(full fats),

,bananas, ,apples, raspberries and kiwi.

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